Union Mechatronic Inc.

Connect Partners to World

Union MechaTronic Inc. is a global integrated machine tool builder bringing a combination of deep industry experience and expert knowledge and offering our customers high quality machines with services.

The range of products includes Multi-Spindle Machines, CNC Machining Centers, and CNC Lathes Automation equipment. Our technology excellence extends into aerospace, medical, precision mold, automobile and advanced industry.

Union MT's 35+ year industry experience have been approved by Swiss world leading manufacturers such as SCHAUBLIN MACHINES SA , TSCHUDIN AG, DELMET SA, and so on forth. Our business partnership extends to product co-development and production, and sole distribution agreement. To deliver global partners and clients with sales services, we have built service networks across 3 continents.

Products : Multi-Spindle Machining Center, 5-Axis / 5-Face Machining Center, Vertical Machining Center, CNC Slant Bed Turning Center, Flat Bed Lathe, Ultra Precision Products.